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WELLNESS = a trillion dollar industry

In 1989, many experts were predicting a recession worse than 1929.

Meanwhile, in his book "Unlimited Wealth", Paul Zane Pilzer outlined an entirely different theory.

The world was, according to him, on the threshold of the greatest economic boom in its entire history.

Much of the business community rejected this analysis.

He was even ridiculed in an editorial of the Wall Street Journal.

The 10 years that followed showed that Paul Zane Pilzer was right: from 1991-2000, the
growth rate of world economy reached the highest levels ever recorded!

This visionary economist is now acclaimed by the business press.

His books are best-sellers published in 24 languages.

He even became an adviser to two Presidents of the United States of America.

In 2002, he predicted in his book "The Wellness Revolution" that the economic sector which would experience the strongest growth was what he called "Wellness Industry".

This emerging sector gathered together a multitude of people: doctors, researchers, engineers, manufacturers, retailers, sports trainers, etc. ...

They are all focused on one goal: to help people feel better and delay the effects of ageing.

Once again, the facts prove him right.

The turnover of this industry has already reached 500 billion U.S. dollars.

And this is just beginning! In his book "The Next Millionaires" Paul Zane Pilzer states that growth in the wellness industry will continue at an exponential rate.

Everyone wants well-being. In this book, Paul Zane Pilzer says the three keys to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity are:

Offering high quality products

Supplying real-time demand.

Providing VIP personal service.



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