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I had found this oppotunity in 1991 from a friend, at that time, I was runing my own business just recently openned for 2 years in the fashion industry.

I had graduated from fashion designing and openend my own retail store
and brand, wich took me a lot of work but at the end
more expenses than profits.

It was a traditional business a retail store where I sold my designed collections wich gave me a lot of personal satisfaction, but also plenty of expenses.

Just to start I had invested more than $50,000 plus other expenses like
( monthly Rental for the store, production employees , fabrics , promotion).

The most dificult thing to deal with was that the shop store took all my time, in words the business was always depending on my presence.

Without having the freedom of come and go, or have time for travel, sports vacations. I felt that I was locked 24/7.

When my friend Alfred shared with me the income opportunity and the system of how to work my business from home, I was impress.
What really got me excited was how he felt by using the products and the income he was making already, so I decide to give it a try, just putting very little time available that I had , just a few hours a week.

At the beginning my idea was just to feel better healthier and if I could learn to make some income $500 extra I will be more than happy.

So all it happened like magic. I had felt so great on the products inmediately that I had good energy all day, best recovery in sports and managed my weight too !

Just because of that my business took off and in my first month I had made over$300 after 3 months it was close to $500 and at the end of my 1st year was over
$1,000 extra.

Then I decide to close my retail store of clothes and went full time and start building
seriously the business internationally , by a year after the income went up to $10,000† month!!!

Best of all is in the process of it, there,s many people who had improve their health
and also got better finantially too, and some of those took it very seriously
and got their income to more than $20,000† a month and got financially independent for life.

I want to tell you that our little or big succes happened only because we had
found a real opportunity and a serious company that had showed us the way to

Together with a plan to follow and guided by a mentor, working with the most inteligent products available the market today, that do more that what we can say and always work and people love them, add to that an income compensation plan that is unlimited. = 100% Success .

If we can do it you can do it Too!

Here anyone can get paid really what is worth.

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Best of Luck!

Juan de Pablo

Work From Home and Live your Dreams.

The incomes presented are those of persons within  the top 1% of all participants

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